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Top 10 Nuclear Weapons Countries

E 'was expected that humans will destroy our planet earth with the war, it was so nice that God has given us many wars have been fought is a day in which are some-addicted, while others have had to fight to defend their nation. There are many things that should be known at the time to discuss the pros and cons of nuclear weapons. Whatever the reason (s) for the purchase of weapons, each country must defend their land. In the race to do so, and some have surpassed the other, and then find a place
in the top 10 nuclear weapons in the world.

The arms race among the top 10 military powers of the world, was hot for 60-70 years. Other countries consider the possession of weapons and warheads, but it remains a secret, or not confirmed. For now, let's take a look at the top 10 countries worldwide nuclear. This list is sorted by year, each country has launched its nuclear program, respectively.

Countries with nuclear weapons

Test Range Asset Country First State Global Codename tried and tested
U.S. first NPT 8000 1945 2.150 Trinidad
January 2, 1949 10,000 Russian-RDS 1800 NPT
3 UK 1952 160 225 NPT Hurricane
France 1960 290 300 Fourth NPT Blue Jerboa
5 China 1964 596 180 240 NPT
June 1974 Smiling Buddha India not unknown 90 NPT
Israel in July 1979 Sailing accident unknown 100 + underwater '
Eighth Pakistan Chagai-I 1998 Unknown 100 No NPT
North Korea test 9 Unknown 10 2006 2006 No NPT
10 Germany / Belgium
Canada / Greece / Italy
Netherlands / Turkey granted by the United States --------- NATO sharing

These are the top 10 nuclear countries on our planet. The first five listed here are members of the (NPT), the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. The other three countries that are not members of the NPT. Israel is a state of undeclared nuclear weapons is, and the rest of the nation NATO nuclear weapons sharing.

United States: During World War II, it was feared that the Nazis would try to develop nuclear weapons. Therefore, the United States started the Manhattan Project alongwith Canada and the UK. Trinidad was developed in 1945. The United States bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the two Japanese cities, and is the only country so far to have nuclear weapons against any country difficulty.

Russia: After World War I, Russia needs to restore a balance of power during the Cold War. They were desperate and rushed to develop its own nuclear weapons program, to be on the same page with the United States. It 's very expensive believes that Russia used several indicators to help their development projects. Russia has the particularity to detonate the device in the most powerful man, the Tsar Bomba.

UK: the hurricane was first tested by the United Kingdom in 1952. Many of the resources and data were taken from the Manhattan Project, which was conducted in collaboration with the United States. The main objective of the United Kingdom of the project was to deter Russia. He did not respond fully to the United States for help, and I wanted to be independent of nuclear energy itself.

France: Now, the French do not want to be left behind either. I wanted to be a force to be reckoned, at least in Europe, if not the world. A remarkable fact is that most of the projects were carried out in the Aboriginal population data. Blue Jerboa was tested in 1960.

China: China is wary of upsetting the United States and Russia. 596 was tested in 1964. But once the Chinese began, worked hard and fast, and we strive to be paired with the world's two superpowers, Russia and the United States. Although China is the only country in the nuclear club have adopted a policy of "no first use at all."

India: India tested Budhha Smile in 1974. India said that it was a peaceful nuclear program, but it has been argued that dual-use technologies has been used in civil nuclear technology that could be transported in secret weapons technology. Purpose of India had to be paired with China and EU dear husband to neighboring Pakistan was aware of the power of India.

Israel: Israel has never officially declared that it is a nuclear weapons state, and has always maintained that everything he does has to do with their civilian nuclear programs. Although bunker weapons, missile launch sites and mobile havebeen captured from satellite images many times.

Pakistan: Not to be outdone by India, Pakistan launched its nuclear program, which is believed to have been helped by China. But it was only in 1998 that Pakistan Chagia tested, and is regarded as a nation to continue to increase their stocks.

North Korea: The first test of North Korea recently, in 2006 North Korea was a member of the NPT until 2003 not much is known about testing and future projects, such as North Korea, one of the world's secrets .

Germany / Belgium / Canada / Greece / Italy / Netherlands / Turkey is NATO, and NATO nuclear weapons sharing program, then, these countries have deployed and stored nuclear weapons that are being provided by the United States. This program must be compatible with the NPT, the United States has custody and control of all nuclear weapons from these.
In addition to these 10 countries nuclear weapons, there are some countries that are about to realize their dreams of nuclear, if things are not clear about them in this regard. These countries are Iran, Iraq and Syria, but at the moment, Iraq is not able to work for a nuclear energy because of its position on the United States. Then there were some countries that were breaded nuclear powers. Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine have become inherited nuclear weapons when the collapse of the USSR, but they have these weapons to Russia and joined the NPT. Finally, countries like South Africa, Argentina, South Korea, Libya, Brazil and Taiwan have had all the nuclear weapons programs of bread, but ultimately rejected.

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